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Follow my development journey!

"Join me on my coding journey as I share the ups and downs of my development process. As a self-taught developer, I hope to inspire others to pursue their passion for coding. Let's grow together!"
- ChatGPT (2023)

Learning python for competitive programming 🐍

Why I chose python, why I'm switching...

Competitive programming

Throwing CCC & Fermat πŸ“„

What happened in my first math & competitive programming contests...


I'm going OVERKILL πŸš€

Making a completely overkill blog website. why? why not...

Web development

A bit more about me...

Some of my goals:


Become a software engineer


Get a high graduating average


Improve at academics and software development

Even more about me

(this guy really likes to talk about himself)


I'm in high school


I'm Canadian


I love music
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